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Click on the Samples Link below and take a few minutes to see what is involved. I guarantee nobody provides more for such a small cost. I know the cost of marketing. I've done it for 34 years as a member of Toronto Real Estate Board and this is the BEST way to do it.

A Few Newsletter Samples
Aeriol Nicols Afshin Noohi

A Rich Heritage

David Chan
Zan Molko George Zanette Doreen Finley Ed Robinson
Lillian Cooper Rosa Macleod Rob Roland Peter Mazzuchin

So much of our time as a Real Estate Professional is spent trying to know what to do next to keep in touch with our clients. Having an automated system is the easiest way to do that. It is necessary to have quality material that is real estate (Home and Garden) related information. No cooking recipes which is a total waste of time.

Hence we designed the Realty Post. It's economical and is great quality. This is the newsletter I have used for many years and continue to use today. An email copy is important but it is just as important to send out the hard copy which will stay in the house and viewed by more members of the home than email newsletters. Therefore having both to your clients 12 times a year is important.

What if you didn't have to think of what to send out anymore? That's what the Realty Post is. A newsletter that keeps you TOP of MIND with your clients.

We also put links to CREA showing average prices across the country plus their latest news updates. Everything is kept as National as possible since the newsletter is used across Canada. The stories are FREE. We are allowed and encouraged to use them. That allows us to make the newsletter affordable. There is simply no other way to keep in touch with your contacts at a more economical way and on a regular basis than using the Realty Post. The newsletter sample above is the exact newsletter I use every month and all the agents on our system use every month.

Ed Robinson caricature
Ed Robinson
I am an agent just like you working for agents just like you.

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